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When it comes to installing passive fire protective systems in your building, whether it is a new building or a building undergoing refurbishment, the key requirements is to save lives, protect the building and to reduce losses.

MADISON is an approved contractor for the leading manufacturers of intumescent fire protection coatings such as Nullifire, Quelfire and Tor Coatings. Our operatives are widely experienced in the application of fire protection systems including intumescent and fire retardant coatings. We are able to apply intumescent and fire retardant coatings that achieve of Class 1 Fire Protection or Class 0 Fire Protection standards. The decision whether to meet Class 1 or Class 0 classification will be determined by your Building Regulations Officer or Architect.

We will work with your professional team and building inspectors to provide comprehensive advice on cost effective fire protection solutions. Our teams will apply the specified fire protection coatings to ensure your project complies with all building regulations.

MADISON track record of success is a direct result of listening to our customers and satisfying their requirements from our industry leading range of protective coatings, products and services.

MADISON is an approved applicator of the following manufacturers of fire protection coatings:

Our specialist knowledge, professionalism and service are second to none trusted by Local Authorities and Housing Associations alike. For over 20 years MADISON have been applying fire upgrading coating systems extensively in common areas and fire escape routes within social housing developments, throughout the UK. Designed to protect life by providing additional time to evacuate buildings in the event of fire, these intelligent coating systems are designed for application over sound existing coatings and provide the highest fire rating achievable, Class 0


Dulux Trade Pyroshield Class 0

Pyroshield Durable Matt or Eggshell from Dulux Trade is a water-based flame retardant finish that upgrades surfaces of fire classification from Class 3 to Class O (BS476). protects communal areas against rapid spread of flame


Fire protection Tor Coatings is the UK market leader in fire protective coating systems for social housing. Our range of products protects communal areas against rapid spread of flame, helping specifiers meet their professional obligations. –


Timonox Acrylic Eggshell A decorative flame retardant coating for walls and ceilings, specially formulated for use on new non-combustible surfaces and previously painted non-combustible surfaces. •Washable finish

•Can be used as part of a system to upgrade existing coatings to class 0 •Inhibits the spread of flame in a fire •Ideal for use in communal areas