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With our experience in the construction industry, we pride ourselves in taking a direct approach to each of our clients. Over the years, we have built and developed relationships with each of our contractors due to our professional workmanship. From the start of each project, we will be involved with all aspects of the project until the completion date. No matter the size of the project, we have highly qualified staff to complete the task. It is the high quality that our staff provide that has led us to the forefront of our industry MADISON contracts for major building companies in London and also completes work for private company owners on their commercial premises, experience has seen MADISON work on a diversity of construction projects, from residential houses and apartments to complex schools, hospitals, community buildings, industrial warehousing and high-rise commercial / residential units

MADISON DECOR LTD  can now offer a broad range of building finishes and systems based on a renders product range which has been successfully established over many years.

In addition to traditional renders, mortars and plaster coatings, the range has been developed to include a number of systems, including a complete portfolio of products ideally suited to Externally Insulated Façade Systems (EIFS) / External Walling Insulation systems (EWI) suitable for upgrading older housing stock and buildings.

In the growing curtain walling and off-site fabricated facades sector, Parex works in partnership with leading manufactures providing adhesive materials and pointing systems which speed up manufacture and provide aesthetically pleasing finishes. Monocouche is French for ‘one coat’, and is the term associated with through-coloured mineral render. With up to 48 standard colours to choose from, and a choice of fine or coarse grain sizes, this versatile render makes it suitable for most projects. We apply this mineral render with PFT pump machines, and we can cover large areas without compromise on colour consistency. Typically, monocouche is ‘scratched’ with a flat, pitted texture resembling stone. Other finishes are also available including sponged, and trowelled. Monocouche render can be applied to almost all masonry substrates as well as render carrier boards, external wall insulation boards and Insulated Concrete Formwork, when a lightweight render system is used. We reinforce all stress points to minimise cracking, ensuring that your new render stays looking perfect for longer.

Insulated Render Systems

Systems incorporating high performance renders and coatings in conjunction with a choice of insulation products to create attractive, energy-saving facades on both new build and restoration projects.

has invested in extensive product development and collaboration with insulation product manufacturer’s to develop truly unique renders and finishes for Externally Insulated Façade Systems (EIFS) / External Walling Insulation systems (EWI). These hold the highest industry approvals and are ideal for creating energy-saving facades for new build homes and commercial premises and the refurbishment of existing homes and buildings

Rapid Mortar

Rapid Mortar white is for concrete repairs where white cement colour is required or in blend with Rapid Mortar Dark to achieve a required colour match.

Part of a family of three Rapid Mortars which can be used stand alone or mixed and matched on site to produce a repair mortar to create a match for the concrete being used.

Rapid Mortar white has been designed for use where white cement colour is required or in blend with Rapid Mortar Dark to achieve a required colour match.

Uses include plugging of precast concrete panels, sealing joints prior to grouting operations, sealing of concrete basements, concrete pipes, sewage systems and foundations, and rapid repair to concrete units.

Skimcoat Plus

Fairing coat to produce a smooth finish to all types of in-situ or precast concrete surfaces.


A co-polymer reinforced mortar designed as a fairing coat to achieve a smooth, regular surface finish. It is suitable for upgrading the face of in-situ or precast walls, panels, columns, ceilings and blockwork to cover blemishes, honeycombing and discolouration, as well as surface finishing following concrete repairs. The material is supplied as a single pack for mixing on site.


Repair and patching mortar suitable for fair faced repairs to all types of concrete surfaces.


Cement-based fair faced surfacing mortar. Designed for making good blemishes and repairs to all concrete surfaces. Developed for the precast concrete industry, providing rapid setting and strength gain.

The mix design includes special shrinkage compensating components plus powerful plasticising agents which produce a workable mortar at low water content. The mortar hardens without shrinking to give a high strength finish.

Conforms to the DTp specification BD27/86, part 6, for repair mortars. The repair mortar has good freeze-thaw stability, low water absorption and will give protection to exposed reinforcing steel. Kwikpatch is resistant to oil, sea water and mild alkali attack.